If a judge or jury has convicted you of a crime, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your case is finalized. In fact, if you were wrongfully convicted, your life may be negatively affect in numerous ways — you may find it difficult to find employment, your relationships may be strained, and any of your academic hopes may feel out of reach. While you may feel like it’s hopeless, a criminal appeal may help to either overturn your conviction, or have your sentence reduced, allowing you an opportunity for redemption.

What is a Criminal Appeal?

If any legal errors were made during your case, you may ask “appeal” your conviction, which means that you are requesting a higher court to review certain aspects of your case. When a court is considering an appeal, they will review only the “record” of the proceedings for any errors. This record includes the court reporters transcripts of everything that was said in court by the judge, attorneys, or witnesses, as well as any documents or objects that were admitted as evidence.

An appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date of sentencing. It’s important to note that an appeal is not new trial. New evidence cannot be presented, and no other witnesses can be examined. A appeal is only granted if any errors of law were made which kept you from a fair trial. Some errors of law would include:

  • Jury received unclear instructions;
  • Witnesses were wrongly excluded from examination;
  • Evidence that was presented was tainted;
  • Fourth amendment rights were violated;
  • And more.

After the errors are presented to the appeals court, the court will review the record and determine if the errors greatly affected the outcome of your case.

Examples of Appeals in Florida

There are many different reasons why someone may want to appeal his or her case. Below is a list of common Florida appeals:

  • Jury selection error;
  • Withdraw a plea;
  • Sentence reduction;
  • To correct an Illegal sentence;
  • Relinquish an improper conviction;
  • Properly Rule on a Previously Filed Motion to Dismiss or Suppress;
  • And more.

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