Computer crime litigation is extremely complex; sometimes you may be committing a cyber crime without even understanding the severity or repercussions of your actions. The police and FBI have extensive training and a plethora of tools to help monitor and track down suspects of cyber crime. If you are convicted of any illegal cyber activity in Florida you may face harsh punishments, and life as you knew it will be forever changed.

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What is Computer Crime in Florida?

Under Florida law, computer crimes include any unlawful acts that relate to computers, computer systems, and computer networks. People who commit these types of crimes are referred to as “hackers.” Any type of hacking that is harms, damages, or destroys another’s data or property related to a computer/computer system is considered a computer offense in Florida. Likewise, any unauthorized access which can be used to disclose or steal confidential information, trade secrets, or an act on intellectual property is considered an illegal offense, and charges may be brought against the suspected hacker.

Different Types of Computer Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

There are many different types of of computer offences in Florida. Some common types are:

  • Unauthorized access to a computer, computer system, network, etc – Offense Against Computer Users;
  • Altering, modifying, and/or destroying data – Offense Against Intellectual Property;
  • Introducing computer viruses into a computer system
  • Unauthorized intrusion into a protected network
  • Using encryption in the commission of another crime;
  • Unauthorized use of another’s personal email;
  • And more.


Defenses to Computer Crime Charges

While you may be facing computer crimes charges, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you were aware of the crime you were committing. Mistakes are made, and Florida computer crime legislation can be confusing and broad. There are many different reasons why a person could have accidentally committed a hacking crime.

Were you given authorization by the owner of the computer/computer system and/or computer network? Were you unaware of the crime that was being committed? An unknowing participant?

If so, it is likely that your charges may be either lessened, or completely dropped. Having an experienced Florida computer crimes attorney representing you may be your best chance at clearing your name.

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