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Homicide is defined as the killing of one human being by another, which can be lawfully or unlawfully. There are several types of homicide that range from manslaughter to first degree murder, depending on the circumstances. This includes:

  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Vessel Homicide (Boat or Aircraft)
  • Assisted Self-Murder (Suicide)

Justifiable Use of Deadly Force

In the State of Florida, the use of deadly force is justifiable if the accused was resisting an attack from another person (ex: murder, felony battery) or an attack upon the dwelling where the accused was present.

Excusable Homicide

Homicide is considered “excusable” when the person accused committed the act:

  • while performing a lawful act using ordinary caution
  • accidentally
  • without unlawful intent
  • without the use of dangerous weapons
  • with sufficient provocation
  • in a manner that was not cruel or unusual

When is Homicide Considered Murder?

Murder is defined as the unlawful taking of another human life. There are three different degrees of murder:

  • First Degree: when the death is intentional and executed with prior thought and planning, or if the death occurred while the accused was trying to commit another serious offense (ex: robbery, aggravated stalking, child abuse).
  • Second Degree: when the death is not considered intentional or premeditated, when the death occurred as a result of an action that shows a blatant disregard for human life, or in concurrence with another serious offense.
  • Third Degree: when the death occurs unlawfully, but without intention by the accused, if it occurs during the course of another felony, while the accused was distributing or attempting to distribute an illegal substance, or if the illegal substance caused the death of that user.

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