A person may be charged with manslaughter if they, through culpable negligence and without lawful justification for doing so, kill another individual. If you are acting in a careless manner without reason, and you injure or kill another person as a result of your actions, you can be charged with manslaughter.

In a manslaughter case, you can be charged even if you did not intend to kill someone because a person died as a proximate result of your negligence. If you have been charged with manslaughter, consult an experienced Florida manslaughter attorney immediately to help protect your rights.

Manslaughter in Florida

The charge of manslaughter has many caveats. In order to form a better understanding of the charge, it is important to examine the circumstances of the case to which the statute is being applied. Some examples of manslaughter include:

  • Causing the death of an elderly person or disabled adult by culpable negligence, acting recklessly without reasonable caution and causing the death of another person
  • Causing the death of any person under the age of 18 by an act or acts of culpable negligence
  • Causing the death of civil servant, police officer, fire fighter, or EMT through an act of culpable negligence

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, the defendant could face years of prison time. The legal team at Law Offices of Edward G. Salantrie understands that the key to defending against manslaughter charges is providing reasonable proof that the action that resulted in death was an accident.

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